Awards and Prizes in Singapore

A wide range of awards and prizes are awarded in Singapore to honour achievements in different fields. These include academics, business people, sportspeople and community leaders. Some of these are national awards, while others are instituted by private organisations and companies. These awards are given in recognition of an individual’s contribution to society, while others are presented for a particular achievement or contribution. Some of these awards are monetary, while others are presented with a trophy or plaque.

An Indian maker of solar-powered dryers, a soil carbon marketplace and groups that help make electric car batteries cleaner, restore Andean forests and bolster enforcement to deter illegal fishing were among those who won this year’s Earthshot Prize at a ceremony in Singapore on Tuesday. Britain’s Prince William, who founded the award with his environmental charity the Royal Foundation, told the audience that the solutions presented by all 15 finalists proved that “hope does exist” as climate change takes its toll on the world.

This is Publishing Perspectives’ 131st awards-related report in the 137th day since our operations began on January 3. More on book publishing and the Singapore literary scene is here, while more on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is here.

The prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Water Prize 2024 went to Prof Gertjan Medema, Principal Microbiologist at KWR Water Research Institute, for his pioneering work on wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) for the detection of human viruses in urban waters. His discoveries and contributions to WBE have revolutionised the application of the technique for water quality monitoring, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the 2023 edition of TADP, Approach Design Studio and Zhejiang University Engineering Design Group were crowned World Building of the Year for their Huizhen High School. This is the first time that a Chinese project has won the top prize in this category of the award. TADP is supported by Iris Ceramica and organised in partnership with WAF, Make Architects and Sir John Soane’s Museum.

The prestigious Lee Kong Chian Scholarship was introduced in 2017 to encourage and recognise outstanding students in the field of architecture at the University of Hong Kong. The scholarship is valued at S$50,000 and will be awarded annually to the top-performing full-time Master of Architecture students. The Scholarship is made possible by an expendable gift from P&T Consultants Pte Ltd.