December 25, 2023

The Best of Sydney Pools

In the heart of Sydney’s sandstone cliffs, the Elkington Park Baths are a corrugated iron oasis. With an old-world charm, they feature a 50m pool on one side, with shallow splash and play areas on the other. This picturesque pool is a popular spot for swimmers and a great place to relax, float, or just swim laps. It’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike!

Sydney pools are a unique and beautiful way to enjoy your summer. They provide a space for locals and visitors to relax, unwind and get exercise in the heart of the city. Sydney has a diverse range of public swimming pools, some of which are heritage-listed, to suit all needs and budgets. You can even find a few that are open year round!

Whether you’re looking to beat the heat or simply want to take a refreshing dip, the best sdy pools will have you feeling refreshed and revived in no time. From the stunning views to the relaxing surroundings, these public pools are perfect for anyone who loves to soak up the sun and take a dip in the ocean.

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