February 15, 2024

What Is Result SGP?

result sgp

A result sgp is a number that indicates how much of a student’s growth has been above or below the average for his or her academic peers. It’s a useful tool for teachers and administrators to use in determining whether students grew more than, less than, or at the same rate as their peers.

SGP scores are measured on a 1-99 scale, with lower numbers indicating lower relative growth and higher numbers indicating greater relative growth. They are calculated by comparing a student’s performance to the average performance of their peers in a given subject. SGP scores are updated regularly to reflect a student’s progress toward meeting or exceeding proficiency targets. SGP scores can be viewed by teachers and administrators using the Star Growth Report, which displays current SGPs for all of a school’s students in each grade level.

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SGP utilizes the historical growth trajectories of Star examinees to map out what the range of potential growth trajectories will lead to, including what growth is necessary for each student to reach/maintain proficiency. It is updated regularly to ensure that students’ projections are based upon the most current data available. SGP is displayed in two formats in the Star Growth Report: Window Specific SGP, which compares a student’s growth over a specified time frame, and Current SGP, which provides a quick check-in on a student’s progress toward proficiency.

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