July 1, 2024

Enjoy H&K Pools at the University of Nebraska Omaha

The University of Nebraska Omaha’s six-lane, 50-meter H&K Swimming Pool is the primary practice and competition venue for the UNO swimming & diving program. The natatorium seats up to 800 spectators in its upstairs seating area and also features spacious locker rooms, an on-deck bleacher seating section for competing teams, office space for the coaching staff, and a wet classroom area that is used for team meetings or to accommodate swim classes.

The natatorium’s main pool is heated to a temperature between 79 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit (26 and 29 Celsius). The pool is surrounded by eight diving boards, two 3-meter springboards, and four 1-meter dive platforms, as well as a large water slide. The natatorium’s pool deck has ample shade and is equipped with benches, tables, and food/beverage carts. The pool is operated by the University of Nebraska Omaha’s Health & Kinesiology Department and managed by the UNO Sports & Recreation Office.

A variety of recreational and competitive swimming and diving events are held at the natatorium throughout the year, including the summer swim meet and various local, state and national competitions. The natatorium also houses the University of Nebraska Omaha Aquatics Club, which is open to students and the public. The Aquatics Club offers a variety of aquatics programs and social activities for the community, and also provides a number of scholarships for swimming and diving participants.

Unlike some other indoor pools, the Nashville Metro Parks and Recreation’s pool does not charge admission during lap swimming or open swim times. However, a fee is charged for swimming lessons and groups. Clothing that can damage the pool filtration system, such as cut-off shorts, is not allowed in the pool. Also, adult swim suits of a sexually suggestive nature are not permitted in order to maintain a family-friendly environment.

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Sydney Dy Pools

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